Board of Directors

Tom Krisa (Chair/ President) 2016-2019
Bill Helm (Vice-Chair) 2019-2021
Amber Berntsen (Treasurer) 2017-2019
Julie Longen (Committee Chair) 2018-2020
Beverly Becker (Secretary) 2019-2021

Stephen P Brown (General Director)

The General Director performs the duties of both the Artistic Director and Executive Director according to the Organization’s Constitution and Bylaws.

Executive Committee

Audience Relations – Mischelle Martyn
Community Relations – vacant until 2020
Finances – Sherri Beatty
Library – Ginni Pressgrove
Logistics – vacant*
Membership – Jeffrey Michaels
Performer Relations – Anastasia Palls
Website Wizard & Social Curator – Bev Becker

Program Managers – Graeme Currie, Derek Currier, Greg Howard, Lee Laflaeur

*Interested in helping connect local communities with live music?
Please email us at questions@dunedinmusicsociety.org


The 68 DMS Founders are individuals and businesses who donated to our Founder’s Day 2017, the first event of the DMS and our first fund-raising activity.

Anastasia’s Aesthetics & Nails
Bon Appetit Restaurant
Calligraphia by Melissa
Candy Bar Sweets & Treats
Carrabba’s Italian Grill
Chester (Butch) Niford
Christopher Palazzolo
Country Boy Restaurant
Creative Insights
David Jamieson
David W. Holt
Deborah Langrock
Delbert Walters
Dennis Crow
Derek Currier
Diane & George Gray
Diane Niford
Dr. Jim Kowalski
Drake Family
Dunedin Concert Band
Dunedin Fine Arts Center
Eddie’s Bar & Grill
Edge Resources
Eugene & Elizabeth DiRusso
Greg Howard
Home Plate on the Trail
James Reid
Jeff Gow
Jeff Ramirez
Jim & Julie Longen
Jim & Kathy Bevan
Jimmy Richman
Karen Mullins
Lee Lafleur
Linda Shaw
Lora Mills
Louis Mauro
Lowe’s Home Improvement
Matthew J. Moody
Meagan Montmeny
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Marolla
Mr. & Mrs. Billy R. Landreth
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Brown
Pat Goldschmidt
Sam Ash Music
Sara Green
Sniff University
Ted & Alicen Barrett
The Florida Orchestra
The SPB International Agency
The Studio @ 620
Thomas Doddridge
Timeless Photography Tampa
Tom & Sandy Tolrud
Tom Krisa & Corinne Pearson
Walter & Karol Freytag
William Helm