“Passion and collaboration have proven time and time again to be far more effective and impacting than entitlement and individual gain.”
Maestro Stephen P Brown

Connecting local communities with live music through large festivals and local concerts with the award-winning Dunedin Concert Band and the Rhythm Kings Jazz Orchestra, educational opportunities for amateur and professional performers with the Pinellas Community Players, the Tampa Bay Music Reading Workshops and the Summer Sinfonia, and a multitude of workshops and spectacular events such as the annual Holiday Spectacular and the Pinellas Festival of Community Bands, DMS members both near and far get priority access to live music events, as well as opportunities to advocate to make the world a better place through live music.

The DMS takes pride in its inclusivity and diversity which contributes to our ability to host over 125 events in 2019, directly impacting more than 3,500 individuals from 20 communities around Florida. We celebrate our openness to anyone and everyone who wants to participate in group live music-making in a supportive, encouraging and collaborative environment as part of our ongoing everyday operations. Organizational oversight of our Artistic and Executive Directors is provided by a governing Board of five Directors, while eleven members of the Executive Committee actually help get the work done to ensure performers, audiences, members, our finances, logistics, library, program and community relations teams have what they need to connect local communities with great quality live music. Active leaders, members, performers, volunteers and audiences from multiple races, ethnicities, religions, genders, abilities, ages, and other identities are who make the DMS one of the most rapidly expanding community-run organizations in our corner of the world.

The Dunedin Music Society, Inc. was formed in December 2016, following the detailed recommendations of a two-year steering committee consisting of 20 volunteers from the Dunedin Concert Band (formed in 1981) and the local community.

On March 11, 2017, the DMS hosted its first event: a Founder’s Day to raise awareness and initial funds.

Here is what Interim General Director Stephen P Brown shared with those who attended:


The DMS grew out of two primary needs:

  1. In 2014, the City of Dunedin Parks and Recreation Department contracted the new Director of the 32 year old Dunedin Concert Band to convert the band from a program run by an individual into a fully accountable 501(c)(3) public charity.
  2. There is an immense live music community in Dunedin and the surrounding areas yet no central hub for residents and visitors to participate in, or just find out what is going on.


After extensive consultation and visioning, the DMS was formed to connect local communities with live music. From International  and State-wide festivals to town, development and even street-focused concerts, the DMS produces public and private live music events and educational opportunities for amateur and professional performers, and local and temporary audiences.


Primarily through tax-deductible donations and special membership programs, the DMS is able to coordinate events of its own performing groups and teachers, and for groups that ask for help, in addition to providing affiliated groups with tax advantageous fiscal sponsorship. By sending amateur and professional musicians into local communities, those communities not only benefit from live music on their doorstep, but enjoy expanded opportunities to participate in larger music-related events.

And as music is such an integral part of everyday life, how could we resist connecting local communities with live music?


Tampa Bay Music Reading Workshop
All are welcome

The DMS makes it a priority to ensure that we offer events accessible to everyone, regardless of any social classifications such as (but not limited to) ability, sex, gender, race, color, origin, religion, faith, age, residency, resources, education, or partnership status. Our concerts, rehearsals, workshops and festivals take place in ADA-compliant venues such as the Dunedin Community Center, Pinellas Park Performing Arts Center, The Palladium at St. Petersburg College, and others. Wheelchair accessible vantage points are available in all venues.

Please note: Online and print materials can be made available in large print and/ or Spanish in approximately 7 days from request. Sign language is available if requested at least 7 days before events. Submit requests here.

We value:

  • Bold integrity;
  • Quality before quantity;
  • Doing the scary thing, especially when it is opposite to what is popular;
  • Momentary, undoctored, natural expression of emotions using music.
  • Our members, and the people who amaze them.
  • Contributing to something greater. Bigger. No, even bigger than that.