Original Composition – Performer Ts & Cs


  • Dunedin Music Society (DMS): Producer and presenter of the project.
  • Submitted Video: the video uploaded by the Performer using the submission form provided by the DMS, for consideration by the DMS to include in the Original Composition
  • Performer: Someone submitting a video to be considered for inclusion in the Original Composition.
  • Composer: Either a) a third party, not the performer, who created the music included in the submitted video, or b) the individual collating and coordinating submissions to generate the Original Composition.
  • Original Composition: A piece of music with video elements created by the Dunedin Music Society.


  1. The video submitted via the submission form provided by the DMS includes the visual and audio performance by the individual submitting the video, and no other performances or appearances by anyone by any means, including but not limited to CD, DVD, mp3, radio, in-person, etc. are included.
  2. The music in the submitted video is either:
    1. Original music by the performer that is improvised or was previously written down,
    2. Normal, standard exercises such as scales and arpeggios, or
    3. Acknowledged in the submission form as being written previously by a specific composer, along with the title and arranger, if appropriate, of that composer’s work.
  3. The Performer grants the DMS permission to use any part or all of the submitted video for inclusion in the Original Composition or for any other purpose at any time.
  4. The Performer understands that submitting a video does not guarantee inclusion in the Original Composition.
  5. The Performer grants the DMS permission to manipulate the speed and pitch of the audio and video, together and separately, contained within the submitted video.
  6. The Performer understands they will receive no compensation from any audio or visual output generated by the DMS that includes any part of their submitted video.
  7. The Performer agrees to hold harmless the DMS, its employees, staff, and volunteers against any grievance the Performer receives regarding any of the content in the submitted video.