Director Recruitment

Thank you for your interest in helping us connect local communities with live music.

We are thrilled about your enthusiasm to join our Board and take responsibility for the activities of the Dunedin Music Society as a Director, and we are grateful you are willing to dedicate your time (quarterly meetings and attending concerts), energy and resources to help us build a financially stable and sustainable society together.

Directors of the DMS generally agree that:

  • Public service is core to the betterment of our society.
  • Everyone who works with us “is” the image of our organization.
  • Together we can achieve our vision
  • The more rigorous our recruitment process is, the more our organization is valued by successful incumbents (and respected by others).

Directors of the DMS are encouraged to:

  • Join the Maestro’s Circle or introduce a new member to the Maestro’s Circle
  • Introduce DMS to their friends and colleagues
  • Support DMS Fundraising Events

Directors of the DMS are:

  • Passionate about the DMS mission
  • Competent
  • Compatible
  • Persons of Character
  • Ready to take on challenges
  • New: Required to be a Maestro’s Circle member of the Dunedin Music Society (min. $1k/yr)

If you are not yet a member of the DMS, you can join here.

Applications for upcoming vacant Director positions are currently being accepted

First, you may wish to know what you are getting into.

Here are some excerpts from our Constitution:


1.3.1 The purpose of the Organization is to be an active participant in community cultural enrichment activities.
1.3.2 The Organization shall operate as a charitable nonprofit corporation under Internal Revenue Service tax exempt section 501(c)(3), Arts, Culture, and Humanities entity code A6C Music Groups, Bands, Ensembles.
The Organization shall:
1.3.3 Present live concerts that provide cultural enrichment and entertainment opportunities for audiences of all ages in the City of Dunedin and surrounding communities; and
1.3.4 Offer musicians opportunities to participate in affiliated groups for their personal enrichment, education, and performing pleasure.

Board of Directors

1.5.1 There shall be a Board of Directors (the “Board”) consisting of five (5) elected volunteer voting Directors (Officers) that include a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Committee Chair, as well as an Executive Director and an Artistic Director who shall be nonvoting paid employees of the Organization.
1.5.2 Elected Directors shall occupy their positions for one three (3) year term each. No elected Director completing a term shall be eligible for reelection to the same office within a period of one (1) full calendar year.
1.5.3 The Board shall retain full governance of the Organization and be responsible for the custody and administration of the Organization’s assets and legal documentation.
1.5.4 The Board shall control the Organization’s affairs through the oversight and direction of an administrative Executive Committee.
1.5.5 Between its meetings the Board may be polled by mail or other means.
1.5.6 The Board shall act by a majority of those voting, except as otherwise provided elsewhere in the Constitution or Bylaws.
1.5.7 All actions taken by the Board shall be published and reported to the Organization’s membership through a regular and inclusive means of communication.

Full Constitution

Full Bylaws

Helpful information about being a Director on a non-profit organization’s Board:

You are clearly still interested, simply because you have read this far!

Our committee would love to hear from you now.

Please complete a Director Application and we will be in touch soon.

Thanks again, so very very much, for wanting to help bring good music to Dunedin and our surrounding communities.