DMS prepares for its first members

It is a long process to go from an idea to an actual active society.

When Stephen P Brown took on the leadership of the Dunedin Concert Band in 2014, he suggested that the band transition into a not-for-profit tax-exempt organization. The City of Dunedin Parks & Recreation Department fully agreed with the thought of financial accountability, and included the setting up of a public charity in Stephen’s contract.

A Steering Committee went through several iterations before finding its feet and spending eighteen months developing concise Organizing Documents: the Constitution and Bylaws. Included in that process was the search for a name for the organization, which eventually became the Dunedin Music Society.

Once the documents were reviewed by volunteer CPAs, Accountants and Dunedin’s Parks & Recreation Dept., swift action ensued. In a matter of weeks a search for Directors was undertaken, a Board assigned, meetings held, and applications to the State and Federal governments were sent.

Now Incorporated, the Board of Directors assigned Stephen as the Interim General Director, and preparations are underway for an official Founder’s Day launch on March 11 that includes the organization’s first financial appeal. Soon after that, the Society will solicit members, and that’s exactly what this website and post is all about…

Making it easy for people who love music to help us connect local communities with live music.

Are you ready to be a member?