It’s not just us that need cleaning!

Zig Ziglar often refers to cleaning our mindset as much as we bathe – i.e. daily.

Why is that?

Because we can easily let all sorts of unhelpful, even harmful thoughts take hold and grow, and that can significantly affect not only us, but those around us, too. We might even end up believing things that aren’t actually real, as a result.

It’s the same with our instruments

Especially our voices, brass instruments, woodwind instruments, and even string instruments.

In the same way that we bathe our bodies and minds daily, we should also clean our instruments regularly!

Collection of musical instruments

Photo courtesy of Frederick Symphony Orchestra

Here are some simple steps

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Some detailed PDF downloads

Mr. Rhymes seems to run several ensembles in California, mostly for kids, and has some sound advice about cleaning (pun intended!)

General advice for string players

These are from the American String Teachers Association, primarily for USA string teachers as opposed to all the Americas, but just as useful for players, too!

And, of course, there is always


So please do take care your instrument(s) as much as yourself. Multiple scientific studies in recent years resulted in wildly varying assumptions about instruments carrying and spreading diseases and viruses, and we continue to explore and learn more by consensus on a daily basis.

But the bottom line is this: clean your instrument regularly, regardless!