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Want to volunteer? Want to perform?

Are you thinking of becoming a member of the Dunedin Music Society (DMS) family? Maybe you’re wondering what members do or what you are missing by not being a member? What opportunities would membership open up for you?

Becoming a member of the DMS brings you into our family of performers, volunteers and fans who love playing music, making music happen and enjoying live music, close to home.

DMS was created by individuals like you who wanted a place where they could enjoy live music locally. They gathered to do what made them feel good and ended up building a better society for everyone. They knew music enriched their emotional well-being and those who gathered to listen.

Canceling a multitude of live events due to COVID19 inspired DMS to think differently about how we rehearsed, performed and welcomed audiences. They say when one door closes, another opens and we have succeeded in providing local, state, national and international music champions with online music activities, and in keeping within CDC guidelines we continue to plan and deliver multiple live, in-person events.

We’ve hardly missed a beat!

Why should you join the DMS?

  • You enjoy live/acoustic/classical music, as it is essential for a healthy society.
  • You want to help your community get connected with more live/ acoustic/ classical music.
  • You want to join a performing group, rekindle your music talent or see your ensemble perform more often.
  • You are excited to encourage fans of live/ acoustic/ classical music to visit Tampa Bay.
  • You want to be part of a special community* and make new friends.
  • You want to support the DMS vision to build a world class concert hall in Tampa Bay.

* The Dunedin Music Society is open to individuals and organizations who submit an application which is approved by a membership committee, and who comply with the membership requirements as defined by the Organization’s membership bylaws.

What do I get by joining the DMS?

There are many choices and levels of membership with benefits that last a whole year.

The various levels of annual membership (Music Champions & Dreamers of Dreams), single donations (Music Builders), and sponsorship packages (Music Makers) are inspired by the poem “Ode” by Arthur O’Shaughnessy, which was set to beautiful music by Sir Edward Elgar with the title “The Music Makers.

Choose from the following:

Become a Music Champion

Individual, Double and Family Music Champion Memberships enjoy advance notice of events, priority seating, reservation opportunities, member news and the Annual Member Social.

An upgrade to the Music Champion Supporter Membership for 2, receives all Music Champion Benefits and your name will be listed on DMS website.

Or step up to the pre-Maestro Circle with a Music Champion Investor Membership for 2, receive all Supporter benefits and an invitation to a DMS Cocktail Party.

Introducing The Maestro’s Circle – The Dreamers of Dreams

The DMS Maestro’s Circle is a growing group of major donors who receive VIP privileges, including all Music Champion benefits, VIP reserved parking, premium reserved seating and DMS Cocktail Parties with Maestro Martin H. Seggelke, local and visiting performers. Each level adds additional benefits and delights for the Dreamers of Dreams.

Maestro’s Circle Memberships are for 2 with benefits for a full year: Dreamer Membership receives a VIP pre-concert waiting room, Mover Membership adds a Front Lawn Mini Concert, Shaker Membership adds dinner for four with Maestro Martin H. & Mrs. Alexandra Seggelke and the Intrepid Membership adds a full table at the Annual DMS Dance.

Introducing the Music Makers Corporate Sponsorships

Corporate sponsorship at DMS offers a new level of opportunities to connect with fans of live music. Music Makers receive Maestro Circle Benefits to enjoy with friends, colleagues or clients combined with a focused or tailored package to promote their business at specific events or an entire season of marketing initiatives. Sponsorships run for a full year.

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DMS Chamber Music
DMS Youth Summer Camp
DMS Chamber Music

How do I get started?

Joining the Dunedin Music Society is a commitment to supporting its mission to connect local communities with live music. Membership is a
privilege and applications are reviewed by the Membership Committee. If you are ready to join our dedicated society of members complete the
application and within 48 hours the Membership Committee will confirm your membership status, provide access to online member information,
activities and resources, including all the specific benefits in your chosen membership level.

Don’t hesitate!
Press the button below to join right now: