Board of Directors

Beverly Becker 2019-2021 (Chair/ President)
Amber Berntsen 2018-2020 (Treasurer)
Bill Helm 2019-2021 (Committee Chair)
Karen Owen 2020-2022 (Vice-Chair)
Michele Tyrpak 2020-2022 (Secretary)

Stephen P Brown (General Director)
Meredith Raymond (Executive Associate)

The General Director performs the duties of both the Artistic Director and Executive Director according to the Organization’s Constitution and Bylaws.

Executive Committee

General Director – Stephen P Brown
Audience Relations – vacant*
Community Relations – Julie Longen
Finances – staff
Library – Ginni Pressgrove
Logistics – staff
Membership – Jeffrey Michaels
Newsletter – Melissa Brown
Online Presence – Bev Becker
Performer Relations – Anastasia Palls

Program Managers – Derek Currier, Greg Howard, Lee Laflaeur, Meredith Raymond

*Interested in helping connect local communities with live music?
Please email us at questions@dunedinmusicsociety.org