Board of Directors

Beverly Becker 2019-2021 (Chair/ President)
Amber Berntsen 2018-2020 (Treasurer)
Bill Helm 2019-2021 (Committee Chair)
Karen Owen 2020-2022 (Vice-Chair)
Michele Tyrpak 2020-2022 (Secretary)

Stephen P Brown (General Director)
Meredith Raymond (Executive Associate)

The General Director performs the duties of both the Artistic Director and Executive Director according to the Organization’s Constitution and Bylaws.

Executive Committee

General Director – Stephen P Brown
Audience Relations – vacant*
Community Relations – Julie Longen
Finances – staff
Library – Ginni Pressgrove
Logistics – staff
Membership – Jeffrey Michaels
Newsletter – Melissa Brown
Online Presence – Bev Becker
Performer Relations – Anastasia Palls

Program Managers – Derek Currier, Greg Howard, Lee Laflaeur, Meredith Raymond

*Interested in helping connect local communities with live music?
Please email us at questions@dunedinmusicsociety.org



The 68 DMS Founders are individuals and businesses who donated to our Founder’s Day 2017, the first event of the DMS and our first fund-raising activity.

Anastasia’s Aesthetics & Nails
Bon Appetit Restaurant
Calligraphia by Melissa
Candy Bar Sweets & Treats
Carrabba’s Italian Grill
Chester (Butch) Niford
Christopher Palazzolo
Country Boy Restaurant
Creative Insights
David Jamieson
David W. Holt
Deborah Langrock
Delbert Walters
Dennis Crow
Derek Currier
Diane & George Gray
Diane Niford
Dr. Jim Kowalski
Drake Family
Dunedin Concert Band
Dunedin Fine Arts Center
Eddie’s Bar & Grill
Edge Resources
Eugene & Elizabeth DiRusso
Greg Howard
Home Plate on the Trail
James Reid
Jeff Gow
Jeff Ramirez
Jim & Julie Longen
Jim & Kathy Bevan
Jimmy Richman
Karen Mullins
Lee Lafleur
Linda Shaw
Lora Mills
Louis Mauro
Lowe’s Home Improvement
Matthew J. Moody
Meagan Montmeny
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Marolla
Mr. & Mrs. Billy R. Landreth
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Brown
Pat Goldschmidt
Sam Ash Music
Sara Green
Sniff University
Ted & Alicen Barrett
The Florida Orchestra
The SPB International Agency
The Studio @ 620
Thomas Doddridge
Timeless Photography Tampa
Tom & Sandy Tolrud
Tom Krisa & Corinne Pearson
Walter & Karol Freytag
William Helm