Seeking a wind band Conductor

Pinellas Community Players

Program Manager & Conductor

– Are you an enthusiastic and qualified leader who can take our beginner-level band of amateur adult woodwind, brass and percussion performers to the next level of proficiency? This part-time position includes managing, developing, promoting, and expanding the ensemble to 50+ performers, giving at least 15 performances a year in various locations around Pinellas County, and working well within the ensemble hierarchy of the DMS (i.e. partially fed by the Novice Adult Band, and feeding into the advanced Dunedin Concert Band). 

Primary expectations include:

  • Be the Program’s lead contact internally and externally
  • Conduct the ensemble, including selecting, sourcing and obtaining sheet music, concert programs, assigning or auditioning for placement
  • Arrange and coordinate all performances with appropriate parties, including hosts and venues
  • Recruit and enroll participants
  • Ensure the Program has an Associate Conductor available for all scheduled events

Your record of awesomeness will ideally include:

  • Previous experience leading a musical ensemble at an intermediate level
  • Ongoing performing in a community band or orchestra on at least one instrument
  • Examples of your enthusiasm, encouragement of others, impressive organization and communication skills, familiarity with Google (Gmail, docs, drive), and a heart for serving
  • Successful recruitment of participants, audiences, volunteers, and local contacts
  • A willingness to do any task, delegate tasks, promote your musical family, and recommend your best players to advanced-level ensembles
  • An engaging and professional onstage decorum

Be prepared to take ownership of this ensemble for your duration as its primary driver. The Dunedin Music Society is a supportive and encouraging organization that veers away from self-centeredness and egocentrism, but instead uplifts those who wish to serve and make our community a better place through sharing live music. Socializing and networking are as paramount as the music itself. While we are working towards being the most ideal music organization on Planet Earth, we believe that professionalism and accuracy in writing and organizational skills will help us get there. Are you the person we didn’t know we’d find? Check out our values: 

Send your PDF resume and an explanation of why you are the best candidate via email to:
Stephen P Brown, General Director


The DMS encourages applications from anyone belonging to the human race who believes they can deliver an amazing experience, no matter their age, gender, religion, size, or any other social identifiers.