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Here are 7 easy steps to help you discover the Dunedin Music Society:

Understand what we mean. The DMS helps enthusiasts engage in live music which is essential to the heart. This primarily includes in-person, momentary, unamplified, organized sounds generated by people and their instruments (including their voices), although we appreciate the fact that electronically-generated and amplified music can also be effective. We want to make sure you, your neighbors, colleagues, friends and families remain connected through live music, wherever such local communities may be in the world.

Understand what we do: We enable activities that connect local communities with live music, whether you are a performer, an audience member, or a financial supporter. Such activities include concerts, workshops, seminars, travel, classes, festivals, and a host of other learning and participation opportunities. You can get a general idea from this video:

Determine your initial role: You may be a musician (professional, amateur, student) or perhaps someone who hasn’t performed in many years. You may absolutely love the feelings you get to share with others when you attend concerts and other live music experiences. Maybe you want to dive deeper into the theory or history of music, or take a peek into the lives of expert performers. You might also want to help support our mission financially or as a volunteer. However you want to participate in live music you have come to the right place.

Check out our most popular material: Here are some links to events and performances our members love…

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Connect with us online: There are several ways you can meet other fans of live music. Perhaps the most familiar ways include:

Plus our members can chat in our dedicated topical forums.

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Finally, let others know how much of a fan of live music you are by proudly wearing our fabulous “Live Music” t-shirts (2021 design). They make wonderful gifts, too. Get yours through our online shop

Now you are probably ready to dive right into one of our many opportunities to participate in and advocate for the live music experience. Your ultimate quest can most likely be satisfied by becoming a member of the DMS, and we would love to have you join us.

Whatever your next step is, if you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to reach out to us – we’ll be happy to answer your questions within the next 48-72 hours.