Homeschool Ensembles

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You’ve heard about the social, intellectual and emotional benefits of playing an instrument in a group, but do your homeschooled children actually get those opportunities?

We didn’t think so.

So we did something about it.

Created the Homeschool Strings and Homeschool Band Ensembles

Even if they are getting private lessons on one or more instruments, your homeschooled children between the ages of 7-17 who have been playing for at least a year can meet in Dunedin to play in an ensemble on Thursday afternoons every week. Imagine – an hour of peace and quiet every week, all year! If they are starting an instrument completely from scratch, we can connect you with teachers! And if they don’t currently have access to an actual instrument, we can connect you with local suppliers.

It’s awesome, and they’ll love it!

You will, too.

Cancelled until further notice.


For string players under 18, apply for the Homeschool Strings Ensemble

For woodwind, brass and percussion players under 18, apply for the Homeschool Wind Band


We also host a Summer Youth Camp every July!