Funded by the State!


After 3 years of applying, the Dunedin Music Society finally got a “YES!” and was awarded a “Fast Track” grant from the State of Florida. We are very grateful to everyone who contributed to the application and subsequent panel meeting, and to the administrators and guest panelists who scored our application at 94.000, which put us at #8 out of 38 applicants. Only the first 8 were funded this year… phew!

Also, thanks to you for lobbying our civil servant decision-makers who advocated that the arts continue to be funded! This award of $2,500 will go a long way towards our Recover, Rebuild and Reconnect programming. Being funded by the State of Florida actually adds quite a bit of credibility, and also opens several more doors 🙂

We are in the midst of “grant season” with last year’s application for 2022 State Funds being assessed against the State’s recently signed budget, an application due to the State for 2023 program funding, an application due to the City of Dunedin for aid to non-profits, and also a Letter of Intent due to the Pinellas Community Foundation for capital equipment.

Please keep August 10 available in your calendar – we may need your cheering at a City of Dunedin Commissioner meeting!