Help release a $10,000 gift!

DMS COVID Catch-up Challenge last chance giftOur final COVID Catch-up Challenge campaign is live – let’s close it out with final gift!

In case you didn’t get our previous messages, here is an amazing opportunity:

A generous sponsor has pledged $10,000 to support the Dunedin Music Society, and this is your chance to help release those funds. Just 300 donations must be secured to release that massive gift.

Will you help?

Two simple steps will get us closer to the required 300 donations:

1. Use the link above to give a gift of any amount!

2. Upload & share one of your favorite photos in our customized frame to your social media feeds (or via text to as many people as you can), so that more people will give.

This process is super simple, but if you need help our team is ready to assist.

All of us behind the scenes, the performers, audiences and communities the DMS serves are TRULY GRATEFUL for your support as we close our incredible COVID Catch-Up Challenge with this final boost.

+ Your gift is appreciated.

+ Sharing awareness of the DMS and this campaign is even better.

+ Encouraging your circles of influence to participate is best!


Here’s the link to start the 2-step process:

Zeal campaign gift custom frame