Post-Isolation Focus: Curious, Eager, Respectful

As the world shifts into a post-isolation era, the Dunedin Music Society is shifting its focus towards being CURIOUS, EAGER and RESPECTFUL.  These are the characteristics that will define the culture of the DMS in 2022 and beyond.



What does that even mean?

Let’s explore it…

In early 2020, when it became clear that we all had to isolate ourselves from each other, the DMS took one week off to determine what to do and how we were going to respond to “flattening the curve” for two weeks… which soon turned into two months. And ended up being on the verge of two years.

At that time, when both the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee met, we adopted a focused approach:

Virtual Band Festival 3 - most attendees were curious

Cautious, Caring, Optimistic.

This focus allowed us to convert many of our planned in-person events to online activities, such as the three Virtual Band Festivals. The last one included 17 bands from all over the USA, and 13,000 viewers from all over the world!

DMS COVID Catch-up ChallengeThen, in late 2020 when our new fundraising consultant helped us launch our COVID Catch-Up Challenge (remember that ketchup bottle image? Yeah – we miss it, too!), we altered our approach slightly to:

Recover, Rebuild, Reconnect.

That perspective influenced the operating boundaries when we decided what events to host, whether online or outdoors and, eventually in early 2021, indoors, too. The Pinellas Community Players continued live-streaming their concerts, and the Dunedin Concert Band rehearsed in Dunedin’s old Fire House alongside lawn mowers and tons of mulch… sometimes with the bay doors open (brrr…).

We still managed to host a total of 105 events in 2020, and 159 online and in-person public performance and educational events in 2021.

So what’s next?

Pinellas Community Players livestreamed concerts in 2020Depending on which of the latest scientific findings you choose to follow – and, quite frankly, which media outlets, too – it appears as though COVID-19 is progressing through the normal stages of a virus life cycle and becoming a prevalent but less potent part of everyday life, much like influenza and other coronaviruses.

In Feb 2021 the Dunedin Concert Band was rehearsing in Dunedin's Old Fire House

Yes, even when we have a common cold, we need to stay away from others, take precautions at home, and rest. However, as we learn to better incorporate potentially dangerous health concerns into our daily and possibly annual routines, it is clear that we no longer need to isolate quite as much as we have during these past two years.

Because of that, the DMS is returning to a mostly in-person schedule with a few online activities here and there.

The DMS has recovered from this isolation period, rebuilt itself, and is successfully reconnecting local communities with live music… and each other.

With that approach nearing its completion, what perspective do we take on now?

Be Curious

Curiosity is an attractive trait that has caused all manner of invention and discovery. Musicians who perform without knowing any of the social, historical, or musical context of the music they are performing are delivering a sub-standard service. They are selling the audience, the ensemble, and themselves short of a complete musical and emotional experience.

It’s good to be curious about who you’re performing alongside, too! A performer who played in one of our ensembles for several years has his name on a plaque currently beyond the boundaries of our solar system (yes, on one of the Voyager spacecrafts). Another has been performing and recording for the movie composer John Williams for three decades. Both of these incredible people have sat alongside other incredible people who are teaching high school biology, filling out tax forms for others, homeschool moms and dads, and corporate landscapers. Get to know the people around you – you’ll be amazed at the connections you make.

Be Eager

Wanting to learn, to grow, to know more, to do more, to contribute, to share, invite, encourage…

Helping society at large – and our local communities in particular – be better places to live; be better neighbors and workers; be better performers and listeners: Anyone willing to help others demonstrates a keenness that is admired, comforting, and beneficial to all.

But it starts with the individual who is willing to help get stuff done, help behind the scenes, help others with transportation, with cooking, with learning their part, supporting others conquer a more difficult part beyond their comfort zone, being willing to attend a concert with unfamiliar music… and sharing the experience with others.

Be Respectful

Our commercial consumerism has idolized the singer-songwriter, and “music” these days is more often than not associated with the lyrics that are added on top of the music. Music is its own language, the language of emotions. We don’t need lyrics while watching a movie and the music is driving and intense, or soft and romantic. The music creates the mood more than the action does. Music deserves much more respect than modern society gives it… music is more than songs.

In addition, it is good to respect each other as well – those who may have advanced musical experiences as well as those who are brand new at creating and sharing music. Those who listen to music deserve as much respect as those who perform it. Many musicians focus on what they have to offer, and don’t seem to mention that they are sharing something with an audience – what’s it like from their perspective? What are they experiencing?

So that’s the DMS approach beginning in 2022:

Curious, Eager, Respectful.

How do you choose to engage in these three concepts?